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Nordixx Walker Poles $69.95

Nordixx TravelerPoles $79.95

Replacement Rubber Feet $7.50

Preizo Pedometer $29.95

Snow Baskets $11.95

smovey VibroSwing-Set  $199.00

Nordic Walking Clinic $20

Nordic4Life (4 week course) $55

smoveyWalk Workout

Nordic and smovey Presentation

Nordic Instructor's Certification Course

Nordic Pole Walking burns up to 46% more calories compared to walking.

Nordic Walking is one of the fastest growing Health Sport activities in Canada.

Nordic Walking is for anyone, anywhere, anytime!

Nordic Walk 150 minutes a week for cardio, strength, flexibility and fun!

iNordic Walk using Nordixx Poles to experience  Real Change .

Nordic Walking

Complete Indoor & Outdoor Health Package in Your Hands

Walk + Nordic Walk + smovey Fit + Pickleball = Total Body Workout = Improved Fitness, Health and Happiness

Contact  Nordic Fitness Canada for information or to attend a free Nordic Walking, smovey hands-on demo, try PIckleball or Walkabout.

 Irene Richardson 
Certified Nordixx Walking Master Instructor
Certified smovey Master  Instructor
Seniors' Certified Fitness Instructor (Western University)

Foundation Diploma in Personal and Sports Nutrition     613.850.8502 cell/text   819.459.3284   events at

Let’s Swing, Move and Smile! 

Are you ready to improve your fitness level  and have fun with the smovey VibroSwing-System?

smovey combines fitness, health and weight loss in one program to increase your energy, strength and range of motion.   Use smovey indoors, outdoors or in the water! 


Happy New Year! 

Getting and Staying Healthy in 2017 just got easier.

Join us for 150+ minutes of moderate to vigorous  fun fitness each week in Wakefield.

Nordic Pole Walking - Mondays (8:30-9:30am) at the Wakfield Community Center (WCC) - free - 60 minutes

Active Living Sports (Pickleball) - Wednesdays  (10am-noon) at WCC - 11 weeks for $44 - 60 to 120 minutes

smovey Fit after 50 -  Fridays (10-11am)  at WCC - aerobic and strengthen classes - 10 for $145 - 60 minutes

Pickleball Clinics - Saturdays (1-3pm) at Wakefield School Gym - learn how to play - 5 for $55  - 120 minutes

Nordic Walking Clinics and Nordic Walking Certifications course will be added soon.

events at


RSVP to if you plan to attend events and we will sign you in!

is Medicine
Side Effects: Feeling Great & Looking Great!

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Nordic Walking and Fitness with Irene Richardson