Nordic Pole Walking

Nordixx products include: Nordixx Walker and Traveler Poles, rubber tips, Piezo pedometer, fanny pack, and The Ultimate Nordic Pole Walking Guide Book by Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck.

NPWalking  provides Training, Fitness Classes and Events for the National Capital Region in areas such as Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, Gatineau, Hull, and Wakefield.

  • NPW Clinics or Workshops to learn the proper NPW technique
  • NPW Presentations to groups ie: Lunch and Learn
  • Regular NPW Group Walks and Hikes
  • Instructor’s Certification Course
  • Group Leader Course
  • Support for Fund Raising Groups
  • At work Lunch Hour NPWalks “ NPW 30 minute Total Body Workout”
  • If you have a  fitness request  or idea – just ask!

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MEET-Up for Events

IMPORTANT:  I am now  using a meet-up site to manage the NPwalking events that are happening in the Ottawa, Gatineau and Wakefield area.  Please check the NPWalkers group at:

How to Nordic Pole Walk

Our next major event.....

      Sunday, October 19th, 2014

Scotiabank Nordic Walk for Cancer Survivorship

The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation is thrilled to bring the Scotiabank Nordic Walk for Cancer Survivorship™ back for the 4th year on Sunday, October19th, 2014 at the Maplesoft Center - 1500 AltaVista Drive Ottawa at 9:00am. You must register to NPWalk.
Take the is your time to experience the POWER of the Powers!

Join our  “Maplesoft CancerSport NPWalking”  or create a team or join as an individual at  or  go to  and select the Oct. 19 date.

Bonus:  Register for the walk, commit to fund raising and receive a free Nordic Pole Walking Clinic ($20 value). The  Nordic pole Clinics will take place at the  Maplesoft Center, 1500 Alta Vista Drive - September 10th @ 10AM and October 8th @ 6PM.

With each nordic step taken and each dollar raised at the 4th annual Scotiabank Nordic Walk for Cancer Survivorship™, participants will be ensuring that thousands of local cancer patients  in the National Capital Region and their families have access to Cancer Coaching offered at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation’s Maplesoft Centre. Cancer Coaching focuses on a person’s physical, informational, emotional and spiritual needs – to help meet the challenges of cancer and improve overall quality of life.

The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation is 100% focused on helping cancer patients, their families and caregivers, empowering them with the resources and knowledge they need throughout their cancer journey.
Thank you again for your help in making a major difference in local cancer care.
We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, October 19th, 2014!

Irene Richardson

Certified Master Nordic Pole Walking Instructor.

As an Ottawa Regional Cancer Wellness Coach and Kino Quebec ViActive Instructor, I understand the importance of wellness and fitness to stay healthy and happy.


Just take the first nordic step to get healthy......