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Former Olympian Gernot Faderbauer is partnering with  Nordixx Pole Walking Canada

During the rowing off-season, former Olympian and three-time World Rowing Champion Gernot Faderbauer would run up mountains using his Nordic poles to stay in peak physical condition.  Now, the Austrian world-class athlete is partnering with Nordixx Pole Walking Canada, a leader in bringing Nordic pole walking to North America.

 Born and Raised in Vienna, Austria Gernot has spent most of his life in fitness and athletic training. His favorite sport growing up was rowing and was determined to become a World Champion and Olympic athlete.  With hard work and determination Gernot became 3 x World Champion in 1993, 1994 & 1995 and competed in the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.  “I have known for years that Nordic pole walking is one of the best ways to get and stay in shape. I am now partnering with Nordixx Pole Walking Canada because I’m impressed with its dedication to its customers and its integrity,”  Faderbauer said.

 Gernot is the founder of the Canadian Nordic Walking Academy, a full time fitness Instructor with over 18 years of experience in Coaching and 32 years in Athletics. He is looking forward to teaching people how to not only Nordic pole Walk but become a Nordic Pole walking/running fitness specialist/enthusiast.

“Nordixx Pole Walking Canada is proud to partner with someone of Mr. Faderbauers stature and credentials. Nordixx continues to show their dedication to educating and building strong Nordic Walking programs for people of all ages and fitness levels”. Says GM and Co-Founder Greg Bellamy 

Anyone can become a Nordic Pole Walker and instantly experience outstanding health and fitness benefits. Individuals interested in learning more about this low impact exercise please contactNordic Fitness Canada.


Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck, was the founder and

president of Nordixx Pole Walking Canada Inc. 

Here is an open letter from the Doctor himself outlininig the history and health benefits

 of Nordic Pole Walking.

Nordic Pole Walking for  Health & Fitness  by Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck

"For more than 20 years, I was looking for a physical activity everybody can do, especially people, who are not used to do or don’t like a regular exercise program like running, joining a gym, cycling, swimming etc. Then, more than a decade ago, the first Nordic Pole Walkers showed up in Germany.
For our patients at our doctor’s office in Berlin, Germany my wife Dr.Sabine Schwanbeck (MD) and I started to incorporate NPW as a physical activity to support different therapy programs, normally based on medication.
Our patients immediately discovered the instant improvement: they felt stronger in their upper body, endurance improved, back- and neck pain diminished or blood pressure and blood sugar (Diabetes Type2) decreased quickly. We could reduce medication drastically.

Since 2000 Nordic Pole Walking in Germany is the most popular outdoor fitness and wellness sport, and a therapeutically method as well.
Most of Germany’s health insurance companies pay the cost for NPW instruction with certified NPW instructors since 2003.

Today, we have many scientific and clinical studies which prove the increased benefits for fitness & wellness, for health prevention and improvement of various health disorders in comparison to regular walking. They also prove, although Nordic Pole Walking is a low-impact physical activity, that the benefits are over walking without poles, because with each stride you have more than 90% of all body muscles incorporated in the exercise: The more muscles (lower extremities plus upper body) are working the more you enhance your metabolism, caloric expenditure and hormone system."

Irene Richardson

 Certified Nordic Walking Master Instructor

Irene  fell in love with Nordic Walking at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Maplesoft Center Nordic Walking fundraiser in 2011. In 2012 she was certified as a Nordic Pole Walking Master Instructor by Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck from Nordixx Canada. Since 2011 Irene has been actively working with people in planning, organizing and delivering North Pole Walking presentations, courses, certifications and walks in the Ottawa, Gatineau and Wakefield area.

Gernot Faderbauer

 Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck, the founder of Nordixx Canada,  passed away on 12/4/2013. Klaus will be greatly missed. He was a dedicated teacher and philanthropist who was on a mission to help Canada get fitter.  He loved spreading the word about the importance of better fitness. He will be remembered as a man who could motivate and help people achieve a healthier life style. Since coming to Canada from Germany, he has trained thousands of men and women to use Nordic Pole Walking as a way to a healthier and happier life. (click here to learn more about Klaus)

Local Nordic Walking Instructors

Ann Marie Diotte Certified Nordic Walking Instructor   Certified smovey Instructor    Certified Seniors' Fitness Instructor

Dianne Hendrick Certified Nordic Walking Instructor

Ginette Paré Certified Nordic Walking Instructor

Valerie Pelso Certified Nordic Walking Instructor

Ashley Hill Certified Nordic Walking Instructor

Sandra Nye Saunders Certified Nordic Walking Instructor

 Greg Bellamy General Manager, Nordixx Canada

Nordixx Instructors are eligible for 4.0 CEC from Canfitpro and the Ontario Fitness Council (OFC).

Irene Richardson

BSc. Carleton University

Certified Nordic Walking Master Instructor

Nordixx Distributor for Nordic Poles

Certified Seniors' Fitness Instructor (Western University) Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging

Kino Quebec ViActive Instructor

Diploma in Personal and Sports Nutrition

Certified smovey Master Instructor (smoveyCanada)

Founder of Nordic Fitness Canada

CPR and First Aid

Co-founder and Director, BiR Consulting Inc.   

Wife, Mom, Grandma to 6 beautiful grandkids!

Irene understands the importance of wellness and fitness to help ensure we live a healthy and happy life.

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