Nordic Walking and Cancer

Nordic Pole Walking  and  Cancer


Stick Together: A Nordic Walking group intervention for breast cancer survivors.
Patients’ vitality had improved, whereas perceived shoulder symptom severity and limitations in daily activities had decreased. Goniometric data indicated that range of motion (forward flexion, abduction and external rotation) of the affected shoulder improved significantly within ten weeks of training. Results from this explorative study suggest that Nordic Walking is a feasible and potentially valuable tool in the rehabilitation of patients with breast cancer. Fischer et al., 2015

Effects of selected forms of physical activity on body posture in the sagittal plane in women post breast cancer treatment.
Balanced postural changes were only identified among the women in the Nordic Walking group. Hanuszkiewicz et al., 2014

The effects of walking poles on shoulder function in breast cancer survivors. 
The data suggest that using a walking pole exercise routine for 8 weeks significantly improved muscular endurance of the upper body. Sprod et al., 2005

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