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Contact me to ask about the 2018 Certification Course dates.

This is an 8 hour Certification  course,

 4 CEC CanFitPro credits available upon successful competition.

 Regular:  Instructor Course : $195 + tax.

2 for 1  Special May 9, 2017

Certify 2 resources at your facility for the price of 1 person.

2 for $195. 

Register here for the Nordic Walking Instructor's Certification Course.

This is an eight hour Nordic Pole Walking Instructors Certification course and is divided into 2 parts with 4 hours completed with the Instructor outdoors and 4+ hours completed by the student off site. A diploma and 4 CEC CanFitPro credits are available upon successful competition.

Part 1: Nordic Pole Walking (NPW) training with Instructor.  These 4 hours of practical training enables instructors to demonstrate and teach the NPW Technique. Main topics:

  • Overview of  the Benefits of Nordic Pole Walking (NPW)
  • Nordic Poles (height, adjustment, straps, pole differences)
  • Nordic  Walking Technique (Methodical steps to learn and teach the NPW technique)
  • Teaching and practicing the Nordic Walking technique including warm-up, strength training, cool-down, and  uphill/downhill tips.
  • Programs: Nordic Walking Clinics, NordicWalk4Life and Nordic Walking Groups

Part 2:  Student completes the following: Student studies Nordic Pole Walking (NPW) background, clinical studies, benefits, and overview of the technique. Then practices Nordic, Pole Walking, teaches the NPW technique and writes the test.

Prior to the practical outdoor Part 1 Instructor’s training, the student will view the “How to Nordic Walk” videos and the Nordic Walking powerpoint presentations and handouts.
This provides education on scientific studies, bio-mechanics, didactic and methodology for group training, programs for corporate wellness, health clubs and fitness centers. The education also includes knowledge on how to train patients with different health disorders such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, neck, shoulder & back pain, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, arthritis and more.

After the practical outdoor Part 1 Instructor’s training the student completes the following activities within a 2 week period to gain experience and improve skills to feel comfortable teaching Nordic Walking. Once completed the student writes the NPW test and all successful candidates will receive the Nordic Walking Instructor Certification and Diploma.

  • Review videos, presentation, handout material and program implementation tips.
  • Practice the “How to Nordic Walk” routine.
  • Teach “How to Nordic Walk”  routine to a friend.  
  • Write the Nordic Walking Instructor’s test.
  • Upon competition the Nordic Walking Certification will be issued
  • For instructors who are organized with Can Fit Pro you receive 4.0 CEC and  you may also apply for credits  with most leading Canadian Institutes.

Bonus activities to improve your NPW skills and help you get started with teaching Nordic Walking opportunities or business

  • Attend one of the Instructor’s Nordic Walking Clinic  training sessions, bring friends and practice teaching with the instructor.
  • Book your first Nordic Walk on the meetup site (, call friends to join and start Nordic Walking!
  • Review and study for technique, skills, tips and excerises the excellent  "Ultimate Nordic Walking Book by Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck".

Who may attend the Instructor's Training?

 Ideal for Health Care Professionals, Pyhsio Centers,  Wellness Centers,  Diabetes Groups, Community Group Leaders, Walking and Hiking Group Leaders, Fitness Trainers, Seniors’ Fitness Trainers, Recreation and Wellness Directors, Small Business Owner, Fitness/sport shop Owners, Fundraising activity, or individuals/retirees that want to help others get healthier. 
You may also attend for personal interest or to obtain CEC credits.

Main criteria to attend the Nordixx Nordic Walking Instructor Course.

  • Able to walk 5+KM.
  • Enjoy working with people.
  • Fitness background or Nordic Walking experience is nice to have but not necessary.
  • If planning to teach NPW, you should obtain a CPR certification.

Benefits of completing the course:

  • You will be a Nordixx Pole Walking Certified Instructor.
  • You will have access to instructor information from Nordixx Canada Inc.
  • At the course you will learn Nordic Walking benefits and technique as per the agenda.
  • You are accredited with 4 Can-Fit Pro credits for the course.
  • You may start organizing and teaching Nordic Walking clinics, classes and groups.
  • You receive a discount on Nordixx products (poles, pedometer, fanny pack, rubber feet).
  • You will be part of the local Nordic Fitness Canada team your area and have access to a Nordic Walking Master Instructor to help you get started.

 Nordic Pole Walking Instructor Course Fee:

One resource.  Course regular price  $195 + HST per person.
Special Tuesday May 9 2017 only
2 resources from your facility may attend the training for the price of one for  $195 + HST

Complete Nordic Pole Certification Package for 2
2 for 1 Course + 2 pair Traveler Poles + 2 extra pair rubber feet + 2 Fanny Packs + Dr. Klaus Ultimate Nordic Pole Walking Book = $390 + HST 

1 pair of Nordixx Traveler Poles (includes carrying case & rubber feet). $79.95  + HST
speciall: 2 pair of Nordixx Traveler Poles (includes carrying case & rubber feet). $135.00 + HST
The Ultimate Nordic Walking Book by Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck  $29.95+HST

 Ask about our  Getting Started Nordic Walking Packages for your facility when one or more trainers complete the  Nordixx Certified Instructor Certification

 Special Offeredr by: Irene Richardson, Certified Nordic Walking Master Instructor    613.850-8502 cell

 Be a Nordic Walking Instructor and start a Nordic Walking Group in your area. This is an excellent way to give back to your community. You are outdoors, staying healthy and having fun helping others. Everyone wins!

  Nordic Walking Instructor's Course

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