FACT: Pole walking is an all-in-one workout, usually practiced in the great outdoors and it is low impact!

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Nordic Walking Workshop:  An hands-on presentation on the history and benefits of Nordic Walking, pole adjustment, how to Nordic walk and a brief indoor or outdoor hands-on Nordic Walk. This introduction gives people an opportunity to try Nordic Walking and feel how it benefits their upper and lower body. Concludes with questions/answers, may sign up for a class  and/or purchase Nordixx poles.

Cost: Free within the area. Length : 60 to 90 minutes. A great way to introduce Nordic Pole Walking to your group.  Contact Irene Richardson to book a presentation at your location now.

Nordic Walking Clinic:This is a  Nordic Walking Clinic to learn the benefits of Nordic walking, learn how to  adjust Nordic Poles,  and learn How-to-Nordic Walk. It clinics also includes warm-up and cool down exercises and tips.  After the class you have the opportunity to ask questions and purchase Nordixx poles. Cost: $20 per person. Nordixx  poles are provided for the class. ~60-90 minutes Everyone is welcome.  Contact Irene Richardson to attend a clinic at your location now or check the event calendar to check what is happening in your area.

Nordic Walk 4 Life: This is a 4 week Nordic Walking program that is usually held at the community center, retirement homes, or work site to  ensure you gain the knowledge and master the basic skills  to match your personal wellness goal for fitness,  health, weight loss or fun!  We Nordic Walk for cardio, strength, balance and flexibility.

1. Learn the Benefits of Nordic Walking and the Nordic Walking Technique
2. Improve your Nordic Walking Technique (warm-up, Nordic Walk, cool-down)
3. Master the Wellness/Fitness Nordic Walk and add a few strengthening exercises.
4. Let’ s NordicWalk4Life! 

Cost: ~ $45 for 4 weeks, may vary depending on location .60 minutes each.

Poles are provided or may be purchases. Everyone welcome, work at your own pace.

Contact Irene Richardson to hold the 4 week program  at your location now or check the event calendar to check what is happening in your area.

NordicWalking Group :A weekly Nordic Fitness Walk lead by a Certified Nordic Walking Instructor.  Each walk is a moderate workout and includes; Warm-up,  Nordic Walk (3-5+km), Strength Training, Flexibility and Balance exercises, Cool-down.  Attend a class and check with the Instructor when the next Nordic Walking Clinic is to learn the technique. Everyone is  welcome, great for Seniors, people just starting back into exercising, people who want to improve their health; arthritis, diabetes, cancer, joint pain, aging, mental health, Parkinson's,  and heart healthy.

Cost: Usually $5 for a moderate Nordic Walk and basic warm-up/cool-down exercises.

​Contact Irene Richardson to see if there is a group in your are or check the event calendar.

​Nordic Fitness  Leadership Courses

Certified Nordic Walking Instructor's Course : This is an eight hour Nordic Pole Walking (NPW) Instructors Certification course.  A diploma and 4 CEC CanFitPro credits are available upon successful competition.

Part 1: Nordic Pole Walking training with Instructor.  These 4 hours of practical training enables instructors to demonstrate and teach the NPW Technique. 

Part 2:  Student completes the following; studies NPW background , clinical studies, benefits, and overview of the technique. Then practices Nordic Walking, teaches the NPW technique and writes the test.  

This is an 8 hour Certification  course,  4 CEC CanFitPro credits available upon successful competition.
 Regular:  Instructor Course : $195 + tax.

 Read more for course details and dates of certification course and specials. Book now

Nordic Walking Group Leader: This is great for a person who wants to start a Nordic Walking group with friends. You review the course material, attend 2 Nordic Walking Clinics  or the Nordic Walk 4 Life program or the Certification Hands-on training with the Instructor then teach a few clinics with the instructor.  10% discount on products.  Cost: $55 + HST   Contact Irene Richardson if you would like to be a group leader.

Is Health Care free?

It is estimated that the average Canadian family (two parents, two children) earning $119,082 will pay $11,735 for public health-care insurance in 2015. Meanwhile, a single individual earning $42,244 will pay $4,222.

What is the real cost? Your happiness, your wellness, your time. Moving 150+ minutes a week could be the  best  present for you and your family this year.

Nordic Walking is easy to learn and easy to do daily, just take your poles and go out your front door, or join a group or teach a class. Do whatever it takes to get you moving more.

Have fun and be healthy! You can do it!

Just give Nordic Walking a try for 6 to 8 weeks,

the results will amaze you!!


Let's Move More for Fitness and Wellness

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