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Nordic4Life builds Knowledge, Skill and Confidence.

 Be a Leader in your community.

Be a Certified Nordic Walking Instructor

Start  a Nordic Wellness or Fitness Walking Group in your  neighbour.

This is an excellent way to give back to your community.

You are outdoors, staying healthy and having fun helping others.

Everyone wins!

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Who may attend the Nordic4Life Courses?


Suitable for all fitness levels.

Suitable for all age groups.

These 4 courses are is for all ages and all fitness levels. The first 3 classes are all about learning and mastering the Nordic Walking technique and short Nordic Walks. The 4th class is the Nordic Fitness Walk routine, you do the program at your own pace and Nordic Walk at your own pace, if required the group is divided according to their intensity level.

Sessions are approx 60 min.

Ideal course for a Workplace Lunch hour  program, Community Group, Senior Group, Wellness Group,  Retirement Place, and especially Friends in a Neighbour that want to start a fitness routine.

 Contact Us about attending a course or setting up an onsite course in your area for as few as five participants depending on your location. Our Nordic Trainers are available to teach across Canada.  (Classes are usually 5 to 15 people)



The Nordic4Life Program

These 4 Nordic Walking classes will ensure

you gain the knowledge and skills on how to  Nordic Walking properly to gain the health benefits you desire.

  Nordic Walk for cardio, strength, balance and flexibility.

  1. Learn the Benefits of Nordic Walking and the Nordic Walking Technique
  2. Improve your Nordic Walking Technique (warm-up, Nordic Walk, cool-down)
  3. Master the Wellness/Fitness Nordic Walk and add a few strengthening exercises.
  4. Let’ s NordicWalk4Life!

Nordic4Life Fee: around $60 for the 4 classes

~60 minutes

cost varies depending on Community center

Classes are usually small (5-12 people) for individual attention.

You will have weekly Nordic Walking assignments to help you set a fitness goal and plan your weekly Nordic Walks.

Check to check 

events in your area or contact

Nordic Fitness Canada to ask for a program in your area.

Next Step: Join a Nordic Wellness Walking or Nordic Fitness Walking group.

Look Great and Feel Great!

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