Nordic Walking Clinic

Some of the benefits of Nordic Pole Walking are:

  • you incorporate 90% use of body muscles (only 40% while walking without poles)
  • you increase your cardiovascular workout
  • increases of up to 46% higher calorie expenditure
  •  there is reduced stress on your hips and knees through the support of the poles
  • you improve your posture and balance
  • perceived as less workout than the actual true physical exertion
  • upper body activity using the poles improves upper body mobility 
  • upper body activity using the poles reduces upper back, neck and shoulder pains
  •  it is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels

Nordic Walking Clinic

“experience the power of the powers”

Learn the benefits of Nordic Walking

Learn the correct length of the poles
Learn the proper Nordic Pole Walking technique

Learn warm-up/cool-down exercises with the poles

Relax, catch the rhythm and enjoy your Nordic Walk

Cost: $20 and the clinic is ~60 to 90 minutes 

Enjoy the outdoors (layer clothes, hat, sunscreen, water, good running/walking shoes or boots)
Loaner poles are available free for your use at the clinic
Poles may be purchased  after the clinic

May purchase pass to join a Nordic Welness or Fitness.

Everyone is welcome to attend

If you can walk... you can Pole Walk! 

Anyone who suffers from diabetes, who's overweight or has high blood pressure and has been encouraged by their physician to exercise, this is the activity for you. 

 The basis is simple. Normal walking utilizes muscles in the lower half of the body while pole walking adds the use of your upper body muscles,  your arms, back, shoulders and neck.  Pole Walking turns your walk into a whole-body activity. 

No experience required
No fitness level required
No age level required

Check to check events in your area or contact Nordic Fitness Canada to ask for a program in your area.

Next Step: Join A Nordic Wellness or Fitness Walking Group and Nordic Walk for your Fitness and Health.  Look Great and Feel Great!

Nordic Walking Clinic - Learn the technique

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