Where do I Nordic Walk?

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Nordic Fitness Canada provides several options to help you get started with your Nordic Walking lifestyle;  Nordic Walking  Intro presentations to give you a taste of what Nordic Walking is all about,  Nordic Walking Clinics to teach you the basic technique, and NordicWalk4Life classes to help you master the skill. Once you learn the basics  join or start a Nordic Walking  group in your area to help you make Nordic Walking a lifetime wellness activity that fits into your daily schedule.

There are two videos on this site to show you how to Nordic Walk,  how to improve your technique and I am sure you will pick up a few additional Nordic Walking tips.

The #2 key to your fitness and health success is to walk with Nordic Poles with proper thumb-hole hand straps to obtain the health benefits you desire.

These Nordixx poles are made for walking!

Nordic Walking Irene Richardson Wakefield Trails

You can Nordic Walk anywhere and anytime with your Nordic Poles. People may ask you where is the snow or where are your skis but you know you are on your wellness journey; getting fit and staying healthy. Nordic Fitness training is held in the Ottawa, Gatineau and Wakefield area. Currently  meetup is used to advertise training classes and events. Please review the type of  Nordic Classes offered,  then register at  www.meetup.com/npwalking to stay current on what is happening in the area or  contact Nordic Fitness Canada for information.

Nordic Walking Irene Richardson Wakefield

Pole walking is evidence-based, backed by extensive international scientific research.

Why would I want to Nordic Walk?

How do I learn to Nordic Walk?

Nordic Walk Canada

Where do I purchase Nordic Poles?

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Nordic Poles are not ski, hiking or trekking poles, they have a proper thumb-hole hand straps  so you engage your upper body as you push on the pole to propel you forward. The NordicPole is  always planted behind you.

Nordic Fitness Canada is a distributor for Nordicxx Canada. You may  purchase Nordixx Poles, pedometer,  replacement rubber feet, fanny pack, and smovey from this site.  Buy products

The #4 key to your fitness and health success is to use a Nordixx pole for Nordic walking. Nordixx Poles have ergonomically designed wrist loops with the proper thumb-hole that generate a continuous resistance and relaxation training for upper body muscles while walking.

The #3 key to your fitness and health success is to attend a Nordic Walking Clinic or NordicWalk4Life course with a buddy and then you both meet several times a week to Nordic Walk!

Good morning Irene  

Just wanted to thank you for the pole walking session yesterday. It was great.

We both enjoyed it immensely. How couldn't we, nice people, great weather, a chance to exercise and learn something new, a great instructor. Thank you.

Ron & Jan 

There are approximately 10 - 15 million Nordic Pole walkers in Europe.

Nordic Pole walking is the fastest growing low-impact activity in Canada

  1. Nordic Pole Walking burns up to 46% more calories compared to walking.
  2. Increases heart and cardiovascular training up to 22%.
  3. Incorporates 90 % of all body muscles.
  4. Helps to eliminate back, shoulder and neck pain.
  5. Less impact on hip, knee and foot joints.
  6. Increases production of “positive” hormones.
  7. Supports stress management and mental disorders.
  8. Develops upright body posture.

Nordic Walk using Nordixx Poles to experience  Real Change .

Nordic Walking provides cardio, resistance, balance and flexibility in one activity. Nordic Walking is a Total Body Workout that is fun to learn and easy to do on a regular basics.

The #1 key to your fitness and health success is to take your Nordixx poles and start Nordic Walking.

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