Nordic Wellness Walk

A weekly Nordic Wellness Walking group

that walks for wellness, fitness, health, and friendship.

Cost:   $12 per class

 5 classes for $55

 10 classes for $100



 Nordic Walk (easy to moderate)

Flexibility exercises

  Balance and strength exercises


These fitness session are usually outdoors, please bring your  nordic poles or demo rental poles are $5 per class, and dress for the weather (hat, sunscreen, water)

Who may join  the Nordic Wellness Walking group?

 Any age group or fitness level may join these excellent Wellness Nordic Walks. There may be conducted indoors or outdoors.

Everyone is welcome, great for Seniors, people just starting back into exercising, people who want to improve their health, improve general fitness and increase joint mobility or rehab exercise.

To join we have a few Prerequisite

Complete a "Nordic Walking Clinic" or the "Nordic4Life" course to know how to Nordic Walk. 
The Instructor leading the fitness class needs to keep the pace of the class flowing.

Use Nordic Poles
(not hiking, trekking or ski poles) for the walk. You may rent demo Nordic Poles at the class ($5 ), bring your own nordic poles  or purchase Nordixx  poles from your instructor.

Fill in the "Par-Q and You"
  form and e-mail or bring it to your first class.

All participants at  Nordic events such as intros, clinic, classes, courses, or groups must assume the responsibility for their own actions and safety. If you have any health problems or medical conditions, consult with your doctor before undertaking any activities set out in these programs. The information contained at these sessions cannot replace sond judgement and good decision-making, which can reduce risk of injury.


  Nordic Wellness Walking

Start you own Group Become a Group Leader or Certified Instructor TODAY. more

Nordic  Walk for your body, mind and spirit.

First Step:

Check to check events in your area or contact  Nordic Fitness Canada to about  a " NordicWalk for Fitness" group in your area.

Get Involved: Start a NordicWelnesss group, it is a fun way to pay forward and stay healthy. ---> read more

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