Replacement Wrist Straps are available in 2 sizes for both Global Walker Poles and Global Traveler Poles. Sold as a pair. 

-  Standard size  (silver in colour)  -  for Medium to Large hands
-  Small size  (black in colour)  -  for Extra Small to Small hands

Note:   poles come with the Standard size Wrist Strap. 

The Ultimate NPW Book
by Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck               $29.95

Nordic Global Traveler Poles by Nordixx  ($79.95)

Clinical Studies Show Nordic Pole Walking Improves Health and Fitness more than walking without poles. Nordic Pole Walking is the most effective low-impact exercise for all ages and fitness levels showing the highest benefits for health, wellness and fitness for people of all ages. Nordic Walking Poles enable you to incorporate over 90% of all your body muscles.

Traveler Nordic Poles: Perfect for traveling. Detachable strap - quick release to drink water or tire a shoe lace.

  • Adjustable from 55cm to 135cm / 21″ to 53″ Professional Performance Poles
  • Very lightweight (set 1.2lbs o .70KGS)
  • Detachable Hand Loops, ergonomically shaped for Nordic pole walking for your right and left hand
  • Fits in a Carry-on Suite Case, 3 Segment Twist-Lock System Shaft
  • Handles:  “easy-to-clean” comfortable EVA coating
  • Hand Loops: Comfortable fit with “Click-off-System”
  • All-Terrain-Use: Removable Rubber Tips for hard surface
  • Removable sand baskets
  • Blunt carbide tip for soft surface
  • Bonus: Each set of poles comes with a carry bag.
NEW! Nordixx Global Stabilizer Poles   $87.95    

Global Walker Poles

Shipping will be the cost that Canada Post charges me- so you may owe me more or less money.
If you live in the Ottawa, Gatineau, or Wakefield area I usually deliver the products and reimburse the shipping charges when we meet at a convenient location.
If you prefer - You  can use e-transfer to pay me. 
Nordic Poles Irene Richardson Ottawa

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Global Traveler Poles

Nordixx Nordic  Poles

Nordixx Poles


Piezo Pedometer                             $29.95
Nordixx Global Walker Poles           $69.95

Pezio Pedometer

Nordixx Global Walker Poles           $69.95
Nordic Poles Irene Richardson Ottawa
Nordic Poles Irene Richardson Ottawa
Nordic Poles Irene Richardson Ottawa
Nordixx Global Traveler Poles       $79.95

Nordixx Fanny Pack                        $19.99

Nordic Poles Irene Richardson Ottawa

Nordixx Rubber Feet/Tips                $8.50

NEW! Nordixx Global Stabilizer Poles   $87.95    

NORDIXX Replacement Wrist Straps    $14.95

Nordixx Global Traveler Poles       $79.95

Nordixx Snow Baskets                     $11.95

pedometer Irene Richardson Ottawa

NEW!  Nordixx Global Stabilizer by Nordixx  ($87.95)

NORDIXX Canada has introduced a NEW Nordic Walking Pole.  And it has now arrived and available! 

You spoke, Nordixx listened!   The new STABILIZER Pole has been designed for greater support and balance.  The new Button Lock System, similar to a cane, makes for easy adjustment of the pole height.  Simply depress the button and adjust the pole.  The New Hand Grip design has wider grip and slight lip on the bottom to complement the strap.  This grip will increase confidence in people who are weaker or deconditioned, and want to put more weight through the poles.  Though it continues to have a strap, the STABILIZER pole will be useful for people who may need to have short periods of time using the poles without the strap.  The thicker pole diameter makes this pole more robust and provides greater overall stability and confidence.  

The STABILIZER pole is ideal for people undergoing rehabilitation from lower body injury, those in long-term care homes or those with greater stability and balance challenges.  The STABILIZER pole is also ideal for people who want to use the poles to do more hardcore trekking.  Nordixx continues to proudly provide it’s classic line of Nordixx Walker and Traveler poles. FEATURES:

*  Button Lock System  (like a cane) for ease of adjusting height of pole
New Hand Grips  has a wider diameter to make gripping easier + slight lip on bottom for assisting support of body for those who need it
 Thicker diameter pole  making them sturdier and stronger for greater reliable full body weight support  

Comfortable EVA Sweat absorbing coating on Hand Grips   
*  Hand / Wrist Straps are adjustable:  Ergonomically shaped for Left and Right hands
*  Removable Rubber Boot Tips for hard surfaces 
*  Carbide Metal Tip for  ice, snow, sand or loose terrain
*  Set of poles comes with a carrying bag
1 year warranty on manufacturer defects
*  Manufactured under German Quality & Safety Agency (TUV)

  • Bonus: Each set of poles comes with a carry bag.

Nordic Global Walker  Pole by Nordixx ($69.95)

Global Walker: Perfect for Instructors, regular Walkers, Schools and Seniors

  • Light weight, height-adjustable Nordic Poles (83cm -143cm )
  • Very lightweight (set 1lb or .60KGS)
  • 2-segment Shaft.
  • Twist-Lock System.
  • Diameter: 16-14mm
  • Shaft: Aluminum 7075
  • Grip: Comfortable EVA sweat absorbing coating.
  • Hand Loops: Ergonomically shaped for right and left hand; soft no rub material. Adjustable.
  • All-Terrain-Use: Removable Rubber Tips for hard Surface
  • Blunt Carbide tip for soft surface.
  • Bonus: Each set of poles comes with a carry
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