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smovey  invented by J. Salzimmer with PD to help people with PD

smovey Irene Richardson Ottawa

I am a Master smovey Coach/Instructor  with  smovey Canada.

Check out some excellent smovey video at 

Search for smovey on youtube and see how people are having fun while getting healthier.

smovey  is an excellent wellness and fitness tool to assist people with Parkinson's

Parkinson’s & smovey

smovey Irene Richardson Ottawa

Session 2


  Balance and Coordination


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smovey VibroSwing-Set includes instructional video  $199

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​smovey VibroSwing-Set includes instructional video and handouts 

Introduction to smovey

The smoveyRINGS were developed by Johann Salzwimmer, a tennis instructor from Austria.
He fell ill with Parkinson’s disease and experienced his quality of life deteriorate as the illness advanced more and more. He started fighting his illness, and after long, meticulous work he invented the smoveyRINGS.
He is now fit and able to live a normal life.

Irene Treacy   from Ireland has started and excellent "Helping People with Parkinson's " project  and following are some of her youtube videos.

Check out Tracey's site for additional information and videos. Smovey Health

  • Increases mobility
  • Increases circulation
  • Reduce pain in the body
  • Reduces freezing episodes
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Improves digestive system
  • Strengthen bones, helping to reduce osteoporosis
  • Strengthens muscles and core body

source:  Irene Treacy

For more  smovey videos check out

excellent article  and videos  - Out-Thinking Parkinson's Quality of Life Improvement for People Affected by Parkinson's Disease by Dr. Gary Sharpe   at


Parkinson's Workshop

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Parkinson's Core 4

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