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Get smiling, moving and swinging with a daily smoveyWalk Workout

smoveyWalk Workout –  simply add the smoveys to a regular walk to introduce upper body work, increase calorie burn and tone the arms.

Then stop and introduce some of the basic SMOVES  in order to work the whole body.

Just 10 – 20 minutes a day with smovey will give you NOTICEABLE results.

The smovey is not simply a weight that you swing as you walk – this clever little device contains steel balls that move when you do and this has  amazing effects.

smovey increases your range of movement and  it provides resistance which makes the smovey feel heavier at some points as you swing it – and if that’s not enough….the smovey also VIBRATES with every swing which increases the toning and energising effects.

The smovey is suitable for use indoors and out and there are 10 basic moves which are guaranteed to work the whole body.

smoveys are a huge hit right across Europe and  can be used by people of any age, anywhere!

Complete Indoor & Outdoor Health  in Your Hands

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Location: Ottawa, Gatineau, Wakefield Canada
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