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Are you ready to get in shape but feel out of practice when it comes to moving more and working out? This program offers a simple and gradual 8 week plan that will help you reach  your fitness and wellness goals.  read more....

smovey® stands for SWING, MOVE and SMILE.

smoveyRINGS – two rings weighing a little over a pound (500 grams) each – are in a class on their own. They combine fitness, health and weight loss in one.The secret of the smovey VibroSwing-System’s ability to give you more energy and well-being is the creation of a 60 hertz frequency when the smovey is used.   read more + video

The Smovey VibroSwing-System:

Your health is in your hands!

 I am a Nordixx Distributor and you may purchase Nordic Poles, pedometer, SMOVEY, replacement rubber feet from me on-line, e-mailing  or at your clinic... read more.

I use my meetup site to manage and register attendees for the NPWalking events that are happening in the Ottawa, Gatineau and Wakefield area.  For a full list of events check..

The ultimate goal is for you to learn the NPW technique and find a buddy to NPWalk around your area  or workplace 3-4 times a week.

NPWalking provides Clinics on  How-to-Nordic Walk along with  Videos. They are lots of events you may attend;  Nordic Walking Workouts,  NPWalks, SMOVEY walks, Fundraising NPWalks, Lunch&Learn Walks, Nordic Walking Instructors courses, presentations...   if you can dream it we can do it... just ask! ... read more

Nordic Walking burns up to 46% more  calories than walking without poles or moderate jogging Nordic Walking incorporates 90 % of all body muscles in one  exercise. Nordic Walking is a Totoal Body Workout.   NPWalking is all about fun, fitness and friends. read more

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We have fun and get healthy at the same time ....... Feel Alive.... Look Great.... Meet Friends.....

             .... JUST give NPWalking a try...YOU will LOVE it!!!!


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